Children & Families

Commission on Children & Families

The Morrow County Commission on Children & Families is comprised of a dedicated group of professional and non-professional citizens, appointed by and advisory to the Morrow County Court.

Mission: We envision community settings which will protect, nurture, and develop the full physical, social, intellectual, and emotional potential of all children, youth, and families while celebrating the uniqueness of each individual.

Specific responsibilities of the Morrow County CCF are:
  • Develop a plan: Comprehensive planning for all children’s services in the county, from birth to 18, and their families. We must plan for all children but do not fund everything we plan.
  • Distribute funds: State and federal funds to purchase services for children and families in the local area, develop partnerships in the community, and evaluate programs based on measurable goals and are identified in the local comprehensive plan. The local commission does not receive any county general funds.
  • Create a children friendly community: Building new partnerships and developing local resources; develop local capacities that support the family; and advocate on behalf of children.
  • Make services accessible: Ensure that services are available and accessible, eliminating fragmentation, duplication and stigmatization.