Juvenile Dept.

Departamento Juvenil

Mission Statement

The Morrow County juvenile department is dedicated to providing community protection, accountability of youth, reducing juvenile crime, and honoring the diversity of the people and cultures in each community.

Tom Meier-Director
Morrow County Juvenile Department
Heppner Office:    (541) 676-5642
Boardman Office: (541) 481-2112 X5454

Who We Are: Staff

John McCabe-Assistant to the Director
120 S. Main Street
PO Box 412
Heppner, Or. 97836
541 676-5642 x5227
E-mail: jmccabe@co.morrow.or.us

LeAnn Wright-Office Support Specialist
120 S. Main Street
PO Box 412
541 676-5642 x5225
E-mail: lwright@co.morrow.or.us


Fees and Assessment Schedule
Morrow County Juvenile Crime Prevention Plan
Driving Suspension ORS for drugs and alcohol
Measure 11(a)  Measure 11(b)

Secure Detention -The Morrow County Juvenile Department Contracts with Wasco County in The Dalles and houses juveniles at the NORCOR facility (right) there. The Department also contracts with Walla Walla, WA (above). Juveniles must fit within legal criteria to be lodged in a secure detention facility. Parents may be required to pay part, up to the full amount of the costs of having their juveniles lodged. The current cost of detaining a Juvenile at NORCOR is $115.00 per day. The cost is $140.00 per day at Walla Walla.