The Planning Department is responsible for the Morrow County Comprehensive Land Use Plan.  The intent of the Comprehensive Plan (Plan) is to coordinate the interrelationships between
people, land, resources and facilities in such a manner as to protect the future health, safety, welfare, and convenience of the citizens of the County. In partnership with the Morrow County Zoning Ordinance, a legal framework for land use regulation is accomplished. This Plan is a guide to the future development of the County within a model of goals and objectives consistent with the  physical characteristics, attitudes, and resources of Morrow County.
The purposes of planning must be to establish a coordinated and orderly system so our expanding population can live together more efficiently and harmoniously. It is essential to promote ‘most of the goals of most of the people’ in Morrow County thus being the basic foundation for an ongoing expression of the need for every resident of the County to continually share in the responsibility for achieving and maintaining a high level of livability, both environmentally and economically.
The Comprehensive Land Use Plan in Morrow County was acknowledged January 30, 1986 for  compliance with State Statutes and the State made Planning Goals consistent with the  Commission’s Order of Acknowledgment. Through the years, the Plan has been maintained and amended as necessary to meet the needs of the County.

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 The Morrow County Planning Department provides technical assistance and information to the public and local officials, administers the County land use regulations, and supports a variety of planning related programs. The Department’s primary functions include: staff support to governing bodies; ordinance administration; clearance for all building and placement permits; comprehensive planning; special studies and inventories; rural addressing; and assisting the public relative to land use.


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