Zoning Ordinances

Article 1 Introductory Provisions

Article 2 Establishment of Zones

Article 3 Use Zones

Air Industrial Zone (AI)

Airport Approach Zone (A-A)

Airport Hazard Zone (A-H)

Exclusive Farm Use (EFU)

Farm Residential Zone (FR)

Flood Hazard Overlay Zone (FP)

Forest Use Zone (FU)

General Industrial Zone (MG)

Limited Use Overlay Zone (LU)

Limited Use Overlay Zone (LU)

Parkland Overlay Zone (PO)

Port Industrial Zone (PI)

Resource Related Industrial Zone (RRI)

Rural Light Industrial (RLI)

Rural Residential Zone (

Rural Service Center Zone (RSC)

Significant Resource Overlay Zone (SRO)

Small Farm-40 Zone (SF-40)

Space Age Industrial Zone (SAI)

Speedway Limited Use Overlay Zone (SO)

Suburban Residential 2A Zone (SR-2A)

Suburban Residential Zone (SR)

Tourist Commercial (TC)

Umatilla Army Depot Military Zone (UADMZ)


Umatilla Depot Wildlife Habitat Zone

UMCD Port Industrial Limited Use Overlay Zone

Zone General Commercial (CG)

Article 4 Supplementary Provisions

Article 5 Exceptions

Article 6 Conditional Uses

Article 7 Variances

Article 8 Amendments

Article 9 Administrative Provisions

Article 10 General Provisions

Subdivision Ordinance 02-22-12

Rural Addressing Ordinance

Code Enforcement Ordinances

Solid Waste Management

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Definitions

Chapter 3 Waste Prevention and Reuse

Chapter 4 Recycling and Residential Composting

Chapter 5 Transportation

Morrow County Solid Waste Ordinance