The Morrow County Airport in Lexington is owned and operated by Morrow County. There is an Automated Weather Observation System. 4300-foot main runway which will accommodate most intermediate size aircraft.

Lexington is located one-half mile north of the city center, just west of Highway 207. The airport access road is located approximately one-half mile north of the intersection of Highway 207 and 74. The paved airport access road travels approximately ¼ mile from Highway 207 to the vehicle parking area.

The airport has been a base for agricultural spraying operators for many years, in addition to accommodating general aviation, business, and Medical and charter activities. The airport currently accommodates locally based single engine aircraft, including two turbine powered agricultural aircraft. In addition to local aircraft, the airport accommodates intermediate general aviation, business aviation, including turboprop, business jet, and helicopter operations. Morrow County has been owner of the airport since 1960