Morrow County Road Dept. Would like to remind all motorists that with any road maintenance pro-ject to be aware of the workers. Watch for signs, flags and work-zone employees and equipment. Morrow County’s goal is to provide a safe roadway. However, it is always up to the motorist to drive ac-cording to conditions. Be patient and plan ahead. Leave early if you know you will be driving through work zones. Please use extreme caution and com-mon sense. They will do their best and would ap-preciate your patience. Again be prepared and be safe. Questions or concerns may be addressed to 541-989-9500 Morrow County Road Department.

  • It is the intention of the Morrow County Road Department to maintain all Morrow County roads as the safest and most efficient routes of travel possible. 3
  • We will at all times be good stewards of the tax payer’s dollars.
  • We will always attempt to serve the public with a courteous and helpful attitude.
  • We will constantly strive to improve our work and maintain an efficient operation.
  • We will maintain a work ethic which will advertise our county in a good light and give a positive image to everyone.
  • We will consider the road in front of everyone’s home as important as the road in front of our own home.
  • We will always work with other departments for the common good.
  • We will not prioritize needs by personal prejudice or self motivation. But rather by sound decision making from available facts and resources.


Reminder: Oregon law forbids Counties from spending ad valorem taxes – taxes based on value, like property taxes – on maintaining, building roads or bridges.   Leaving 4the county to look for other funding sources. 

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