Veteran’s Services

Morrow County Veteran’s Service Office

500 NE Main (City of Irrigon Offices)
P.O. Box 560
Irrigon, OR 97844
Phone: 541-922-6420
Fax: 541-922-2644


Wednesday and Thursday(Closed the first Thursday of each month)
By appointment only


The first Thursday of the month
Gilliam Bisbee Bldg.
222 Main St.
By appointment only


Veterans’ Benefits
The benefits listed below are available to qualified veterans of any age and their dependents. The Veterans” Service Officer can advise you about benefits and services to which you may be entitled, and assist you in applying for them.

Federal Benefits

Monthly payments for service-incurred or service-aggravated disabilities.

Monthly benefits with rates according to other income, for disabilities not due to military service.

Hospital Care
Priority for veterans with service-connected disabilities. Also available to veterans with non-service-connected conditions. A co-payment may apply for clinic visits and prescriptions, depending on income.

Outpatient Treatment
Doctor visits and medicines for service-connected disabilities, and for all conditions for veterans with service-connected disability ratings. Also for veterans entitled to additional pension as housebound or in need of regular aid and attendance. Treatment for non-service connected conditions is also available but may be subject to a co-payment, depending on income.

Domiciliary Care
The Domiciliary is a unique, long-term medical facility providing quality care in a structured, supportive environment to ambulatory veterans unable to function independently in the community. The ultimate goal is to rehabilitate and return as many Veterans as possible to independent living.

Housebound and Aid and Attendance

Special additional benefits for seriously disabled pensioners and those requiring nursing home foster home, or special in-home care.

Burial Benefits
Up to $300 Burial Allowance(if recieving or entitled to recieve VA benefits at time of death), burial flag, grave marker, and burial in a National Cemetery, if desired. If burial is in private cemetary, up to $1,500 burial allowance if death was due to service-connected causes. Surviving spouse or dependent child is eligible for National Cemetary if veteran is buried there.

Education for Veterans
Monthly G.I. Bill benefits for college, vocational and apprenticeship training to eligible veterans. Vocational Rehabilitation program for veterans with service-connected disabilities. Please call for details.

GI Insurance
Special GI insurance for veterans with service-connected disabilities. Also conversion, beneficiary changes, policy loans, dividends, and new insurance additions.

GI Home Loans
Guaranteed home loans with zero down payments for veterans. Applies to mobile homes. There is no deadline for using this benefit. State Veterans Home Loans (Toll Free 1-888-ORE-VETS (673-8387).

Dependents’ Medical Benefits
Wives and children of veterans with 100% service-connected disability, whether living or deceased, may be eligible for medical services and supplies.

Education for Dependents
Benefits for spouses and children of certain veterans with 100% service-connected disability for college or vocational subjects are available.

Oregon Benefits

 Auto License

Disabled Veteran license plate – permanent, lifetime, for certain disabled veterans. A one-time fee is charged to help support the Oregon Veterans Home in the Dalles. Requires letter of qualification from the VA.

Estate management for certain veterans and dependents who are no longer able to manage their own finances.

Assistance in job search and employment programs through State Employment Office Local Veteran Employment Representative and Disabled Veteran Outreach Program Coordinator.

Game Licenses
Permanent hunting and fishing licenses to veterans with 25% or more disability.

Property Tax Exemption
Partial exemptions from property tax for veterans with disabilities of 40% or more.

Public Employment
Veterans’ Preference in public employment. Additional preference for disabled veterans.

Help in obtaining copies of public records of marriage, death, divorce, and birth, for claims purposes.

Re-employment Rights
Entitlement to reinstatement in former jobs, seniority and pay with accrued status upon release from service. Enforced under Federal statutes.

State Educational Aid
Up to $50 per month to qualified Oregon veterans. Low interest loans for the purchase of single family, owner-occupied resident to qualified veterans with service prior to 1977.

State Veterans Home
The Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs has established a Nursing Home in the Dalles for Oregon Veterans in need of full-time skilled nursing care.

Survivors’ Benefits
Dependency and Indemnity Compensation
Payable to un-remarried surviving spouse, children and dependent parents for service-connected death.

Aid and Attendance
Additional benefits to dependents requiring nursing home care or special care at home.

Death Pension
Monthly benefits, based on income, to surviving spouse and children for death of a veteran from non-service-connected causes.

Education Benefits
Benefits for surviving spouse and children of a veteran who dies of service-connected disabilities.

Home Loans
Federal loans to surviving spouse of a veteran who died of service-connected disabilities. State loans to un-remarried spouses of veterans who died in service or were prisoners of war or missing in action.

Insurance Claims
Government life insurance and mortgage insurance benefits for borrowers under the state veterans’ loan program.

Public Records
Help in obtaining copies of records necessary for veterans’ benefits claims.

Survivors’ Medical Care
Entitlement to medical care for surviving spouses and children of veterans who died of service-connected causes or were rate 100% disable at time of death.

Oregon Property Tax Exemption
Partial exemption from property tax for widows of wartime veterans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
What’s the number for the VA hospital?

What’s the number for the VA hospital in Vancouver?
503-220-8262 ext. ask for Vancouver.

What’s the number for the Federal VA?

What’s the number for the VA home loan program?
Switchboard is open 8:30am to 3:30pm, Pacific Time

How do I find out about my GI bill (education)?
1-888-442-4551 (Muskogee, OK, 2 hrs time difference)

How do I get a copy of my DD214 (Military Discharge Document)?
Check with the County Clerk to see if a copy was registered at the time of discharge. If not available, obtain a copy of Standard Form-180 from the Veterans Service Office, which can be submitted to the appropriate location.

Does the VA still loan money for small businesses?
No, but the SBA(Small Business Administration) does. The numbers are Federal Gov’t: 503-326-2682, Portland; State Gov’t: 1-800-233-3306, Salem.